Tri nové ebooky o Facebook, Twitter a Linkedin od Hubspot

facebook logoNejak nemám čas písať blogy v poslednej dobe, tak snáď aspoň HubSpot ebooky vás potešia…

1. How to Generate Leads Using Facebook
Did you know that 74% of marketers say that Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies? There are ways to generate leads on Facebook that most marketers don’t yet optimize. Don’t risk missing potential leads, get your free ebook now, and learn from the professionals how to optimize your corporate Facebook to improve advertising and generate leads!
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2. Solve Business Problems with Twitter
Although Twitter is a great platform for marketers to promote things, it can also be used across other departments successfully as well! From your support team using Twitter to quickly respond to urgent requests and customer questions, to your sales team reaching out to potential customers, the possibilities on Twitter are endless! Learn how to optimize your entire business’s Twitter presence.
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3. Learn How to Optimize Your Companies LinkedIn Page
Get your step-by-step guide to optimizing LinkedIn’s company pages and learn how you could be more effectively using them to drive traffic and leads, expand your reach, increase product awareness, and optimize for search.
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